Figs & Goat Cheese


Sometimes you don’t need to overcomplicate simple, fresh, and delicious ingredients.  The sweet and fresh taste of Figs, paired with the tangy flavor of Goat Cheese is one of those pure combinations that excite your taste buds.  This super simple recipe is a great appetizer for any party!


1 Package of Fresh Figs

4oz of Goat Cheese

1/4 Cup of Chopped Parsley

4 Tbsp. Honey


Figs & Goat Cheese

Clean and slice the Fresh Figs and place on a plate.  Finely chop the Parsley and mix into the Goat Cheese (feel free to substitute other fresh herbs, be creative!). Spoon the Goat Cheese and Herb mixture onto the Figs.  Drizzle with Honey and serve!

Fork It.

A & O

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